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Hidden From World Cup Tourism, Brazilian Preachers Minister To Rio's Addicts
They journey through the gloom into the "cracklands" where addicts consume crack cocaine in open-air dens, areas well hidden from the eyes of tourists heading to Rio de Janeiro for the World Cup. After midnight, hundreds of grime-covered addicts lie on …
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Honduras Works with Florida Caribbean Cruise Association to Promote Cruise
of a "reconnaissance" trip to sites where the cruise tourists from Roatan, Bay Islands may visit. The newspaper says that President Juan Orlando Hern├índez will accompany visitors on Thursday, May 29th together with representatives of the largest cruise …
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Cobrador takes shot at tourism
From around P650,000, the village's annual local income has grown to 1.3 million as of 2013 due to a number of tourists coming every summer since 2011. Most of the tourists, though, are foreigners who married Filipino women from other parts of Romblon.

Indian State Nagaland wants to privatize tourism lodges
In India, the Nagaland state tourism department has realized that privatization and communitization are more efficient ways of running the tourist lodges, wayside amenities and other tourism assets. It has allotted several rural tourism assets to …
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